And now, back to our feature presentation….

Is there any hell that is more painful and frustrating than the hell of moving? I think not. 3 months and and scary number of bottles of wine later, life has finally began to resemble the “good old days”. When makeup was worn, blogging actually took place (and was not just a fantasy) and the mere thought going through Google Reader didn’t feel like a job. WTH man… GR just stops counting after 1000 posts?!?! Who knew? It took a lot of work and great sense of humor but the family is comfy in the new digs and couldn’t be happier. Well maybe they could be happier but I could also be a size 6 and let’s be honest, some things just aren’t worth the effort. LOL!

So without further ado… Let’s get it poppin’!

Lacquered Love,



  1. Glad to see you are back and to hear that the move had been accomplished. Looking forward to all of your wonderful posts soon!

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    i love this color!! it's so pretty!

    OMG, it's all because of u nail bloggers that i get inspired and addicted to polishes, haha!gotta build up my teeny tiny collection.


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