The Nitty Gritty.

I must confess… I recently forgot where I came from.

My mom wanted to do her nails and asked where she should start. I told her “Slap on some cuticle remover, grab and stick and go to town”. The silence and blank stare that followed let me know that I may as well have been speaking Klingon. She had no clue what I was talking about. I promptly enrolled her the accelerated version of Nail Care 101.

I was initially surprised at how much my mom didn’t know. Then I reminded myself of just how much I didn’t know a short while ago. The Nitty Gritty is a new series dedicated to nail care (fab mani) essential. It will cover topcoats, basecoats and whatever other treatment goodies I come across.

Have you been dying to know if OPI Nail Envy is worth the $$$ (It’s not.)? Or need a rec for a good yet cheap base coat (Sally Hansen Nail Quencher is the stuff!)? Then let me know. Feel free to ask questions or request reviews. I will try my best to honor all requests.

Lacquered Love,



  1. Oh - Nail Envy isn't worth the money in your opinion?

  2. Great name for the posts!
    Glad to see you got another post out :) It does seem like you have been moving for a while now! I'm ready for you to get settled so you can get back to doing your wonderful blogs :)

  3. I'd also like to know what you think about OPI Nail Envy

  4. Great idea...I'm looking forward to reading!!!!

  5. Yes, the Nitty Gritty! Let's get down to it. I need that info as well!

  6. I have heard that Nail Envy yellows the nails... is it true?

  7. Jamila - come on girl, where did ya go???

  8. Hi there ! how fun that I've found your blog, it looks so nice here :-) and the nail care essential's review is a great idea !

  9. aw man i just bouhgt nail envy- it seems to be working for me, but what would you reccomend instead?


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