NK Satin Silver

Every time some one asks for silver nail polish recommendations I always scream “NK Silver Satin”. Since NK is one of those hood BSS specials it’s destined to remain on the obscure list. It’s a shame to. There really are some winners in the line.

Behold the awesomeness of NK Satin Silver!

*cue trumpets and over the top fanfare*003

Ohh… Not everyone likes silver as much as I do. My bad. I forgot. I think I was a disco queen in a former life because silver and gold polishes just do it for me every time. But you have to admit… This one is hawt! It is so blingy! So foily! I feel like I should be fighting crime and wearing a cape when I have this on. Yes… Some colors conjure up long forgotten super hero fantasies. Enough about me.. Back to polish. Satin Silver is one of the few polishes that I reach for over and over again.

Doesn’t it look like is should pick up radios waves or something? Wanna know the best part though?

This is one coat! That’s right! Just one coat is all it takes to achieve superhero status. It’s not streaky like most metallics. In fact, it’s surprisingly easy to work with.


*sigh* I really do love this polish. It’s one of the very few that I have a backup of. I even sent bottles of these to friends because I had to spread the Satin Silver love. 

Off to fight crime… Or just wash the dishes… Which ever is easier.

Lacquered Love,



  1. Oooooh that color looks good on you. I think you can fight crime AND save the day with this on. lol

  2. I really like this silver! Gorgeous on you!! :)

  3. That polish has enhanced my entire lifespace. I covet it. :)

  4. I just found your blog. I hope your going to update soon. I love that silver. It is a foil and gorgeous. I can't believe that it's one coat.

  5. can you call your baby sister

  6. that is a killer nail polish...for some reason I've never even thought of silver. Now it's on my list of "things to try".

  7. So cool! Like mirrors on your nails! :)

    I like your blog, so I added it to my blogroll. :)

  8. Wow, I am amazed by how NON-streaky this looks. And the color looks amazing on your skintone!

  9. What an incredible silver! I've never heard of the NK brand; where do you get it? :)

  10. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.


  11. OMG, that a fantastic color!

    I wish we had that brand in Denmark.


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