NK Satin Silver

Every time some one asks for silver nail polish recommendations I always scream “NK Silver Satin”. Since NK is one of those hood BSS specials it’s destined to remain on the obscure list. It’s a shame to. There really are some winners in the line.

Behold the awesomeness of NK Satin Silver!

*cue trumpets and over the top fanfare*003

Ohh… Not everyone likes silver as much as I do. My bad. I forgot. I think I was a disco queen in a former life because silver and gold polishes just do it for me every time. But you have to admit… This one is hawt! It is so blingy! So foily! I feel like I should be fighting crime and wearing a cape when I have this on. Yes… Some colors conjure up long forgotten super hero fantasies. Enough about me.. Back to polish. Satin Silver is one of the few polishes that I reach for over and over again.

Doesn’t it look like is should pick up radios waves or something? Wanna know the best part though?

This is one coat! That’s right! Just one coat is all it takes to achieve superhero status. It’s not streaky like most metallics. In fact, it’s surprisingly easy to work with.


*sigh* I really do love this polish. It’s one of the very few that I have a backup of. I even sent bottles of these to friends because I had to spread the Satin Silver love. 

Off to fight crime… Or just wash the dishes… Which ever is easier.

Lacquered Love,



Hailey’s Comet

This is my franken Hailey’s Comet. I named it Hailey’s Comet because just like it’s namesake, it’s one of those things that will only come around once in a lifetime. I couldn’t duplicate this for all of the tea in china, Tyra’s wigs or Solange’s shoes. I have know idea what I used. The only thing that I know for a fact went into this was Nfu-Oh 60. Yeah I know…. No help what so ever.


Douchrome and flakey?!?! Be still my beating heart? 028

A tilt of the hand and it goes all flakey!040

These are far from the best pics. I know I got all crazy with the flash but I had to show you all of the purdy colors! It’s hard  to capture the depth of most colors without FUBARing the picture a little.

It reminds me of the OPI La Boehme. Kind of like LB’s wild and crazy cousin.  041

Sorry about the off sizing of this last pic. It went all pixilated when I tried to enlarge it.  

Le’ sigh. I have tried to recreate this and fail miserably each time. To make matter worse. I only frankened half a bottle of this! I need to send a sample of this to a polish company. I need a backup for a backup!

Lacquered Love,



I need some flip flops that match.

The move to Florida has sparked two new addictions, obsessions, habits that I would commit misdemeanors to support, interests. Flip flops and lime green nail polishes. I have always enjoyed both in moderation but the beautiful (read: “hot as fish grease!”) weather has kicked it up a notch. My poor feet haven’t seen the shade in weeks. You know it’s bad when you start putting sunscreen on your feet just so they don’t look like you stole them from some one else. Side thought: WhyTH do my feet tan so much faster than the rest of me? What’s that all about? Just when I think I have enough I run into another pair of flip flops that beg to come home with me. I can honestly say that I expected the flip flop population in my closet to rise but the hostile takeover of the lime green polish has totally take me off guard. Really it’s not just lime green. Any yellowed green will do. I was even severely tempted by Sally Hansen’s latest greens and most of you know how I feel about her.

This beaut is NK Lime Green (Be careful NK… Don’t want you get to creative with the naming) and China Glaze Custom Kicks. NK Lime ChG Custom Kicks

Love this!  It has a very subtle silvery blue shimmer. Darker greens (like *gasp* China Glaze Watermelon Rind) don’t really do move me so this is right up my alley. I was surprised at how well it applied. NK brand is one of those hood beauty supply store specials. You  know… the beauty supply stores with a wall of wigs and weaves and an entire aisle dedicated to blue hair grease. LOL! Don’t front like ya’ll don’t know about Blue Magic! Anyway… They generally run about $1 but I have seen places charge up to $3 for them. NK polishes tend to be hit or miss when it comes to quality control.  I have come across  more than a few wonky brushes with this brand. I know it’s kinda taboo but I highly suggest you check the brush before you buy.

China Glaze Custom Kicks is my ringer. I will spare you the details of  this one because it has blogged about for weeks now. Pretty much the typical fabulousness that is expected from China Glaze. Awesome unique color, decent application, good brush, yadda yadda. But it is a fan-friggin-tastic blue isn’t it?!?! The Custom Kicks collection was one of the best this spring. Keep the hits coming ChG!Excuse the cutes and dust. Those dang digi-cams are unforgiving aren’t they?!

Lacquered Love,


And now, back to our feature presentation….

Is there any hell that is more painful and frustrating than the hell of moving? I think not. 3 months and and scary number of bottles of wine later, life has finally began to resemble the “good old days”. When makeup was worn, blogging actually took place (and was not just a fantasy) and the mere thought going through Google Reader didn’t feel like a job. WTH man… GR just stops counting after 1000 posts?!?! Who knew? It took a lot of work and great sense of humor but the family is comfy in the new digs and couldn’t be happier. Well maybe they could be happier but I could also be a size 6 and let’s be honest, some things just aren’t worth the effort. LOL!

So without further ado… Let’s get it poppin’!

Lacquered Love,