Hailey’s Comet

This is my franken Hailey’s Comet. I named it Hailey’s Comet because just like it’s namesake, it’s one of those things that will only come around once in a lifetime. I couldn’t duplicate this for all of the tea in china, Tyra’s wigs or Solange’s shoes. I have know idea what I used. The only thing that I know for a fact went into this was Nfu-Oh 60. Yeah I know…. No help what so ever.


Douchrome and flakey?!?! Be still my beating heart? 028

A tilt of the hand and it goes all flakey!040

These are far from the best pics. I know I got all crazy with the flash but I had to show you all of the purdy colors! It’s hard  to capture the depth of most colors without FUBARing the picture a little.

It reminds me of the OPI La Boehme. Kind of like LB’s wild and crazy cousin.  041

Sorry about the off sizing of this last pic. It went all pixilated when I tried to enlarge it.  

Le’ sigh. I have tried to recreate this and fail miserably each time. To make matter worse. I only frankened half a bottle of this! I need to send a sample of this to a polish company. I need a backup for a backup!

Lacquered Love,



  1. Gorgeous color! Love the flakes :)

  2. This colour is fabulous! I wish I could master frankening, I just end up with gritty messes :(

  3. I'm so glad you're back! Missed you. Glad the move went well - I kept you on my bookmarks. You inspired me to write a blog too. Would you check it out? lookatthispolish.blogspot.com. and add me to your blogroll if you like it?

  4. look at those sparkles!! glad ur back!

  5. What a beauty you frankened. Shame you can't repeat it. I guess you just have to take a chance to franken a whole bottle. You might get a beauty like this or a bottle of mud.

  6. cool dude. flakies are awesome! you sound like me, it's like I go into a fog when I franken. no clue what the heck I pour in that bottle, oh well :D


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