Quirius Black Coal

Quri-who you say? That's exactly what I said when I first heard of this brand. I had to have it. The swatched that I came across were fantabulous. Then, I found out that it didn't have very wide distribution. I put my lust for Quirius on a back burner because I had no hope of ever seeing them in real life. Imagine my excitement when I came across a Quirius display on a recent trip to the Motherland A.K.A Philly! I am not sure it was a full display because there seem to be more shades on the QRS Beauty website than the display would hold.

Black Coal is a dark grey base that is LOADED with silver shimmer. The dark grey shows through just enough to give the polish some nice depth. The formula is decent. Not bad but not necessarily something to cartwheel over. It's opaque enough that it can be a 1 coater... It would be a kinda thick coat though but 1 coat all the same. This is just two thin coats on my nails. The brush is on the thin side but it is still very user friendly.

This is such a unique color. Or at least it’s unique to me. I haven’t come across any thing like it. The dark grey base makes it more wearer-friendly than your typical silver polish (which by the way I happen to LOVE!) I could see someone wearing this in a less conservative office. But I wear Sponge Bob scrubs and purple rubber clogs to work so I may not be the best judge of office appropriate attire.

I am still searching for a place to buy Quirius online. As soon as I find one I will post a link. Until then…

Lacquered love,



  1. Hey I stumbled upon your blog and love it! You know, when you're in search of nailphile blogs, you lose track of where you were when you started. Keep up the great posts! I'm always in search of new polish brands and I've never heard of this one. I went on their website and loved quite a few of the colors. But alas! I have no idea where I can buy them.

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