Naked As a Jaybird

There are some bloggers that never seem to have a bad nail day. No lopsided file jobs. No raggedy cuticles. Not a mention of a broken nail for months at a time.

I am so not one of those bloggers.


Not too bad. The ridges on my ring nail are much more apparent than my other nails. This nail is also thinner than the rest of the nails on this hand. I don’t know why my free edges aren’t white all the way across but at least what is there is white.


This is my problem child. My ring nail as still growing out of a bad run in with a buffer. My index nail is recovering after yet another break. I swear it breaks just to mock me. See that raunchy cuticle? It farts in my general direction.  The ring, middle and index nails are all thin and bendy. 


A close up of the cuticle. It’s the debil.

“WTH is she posting these naked nails for?” you ask.

I don’t know why…  I just thought it was important to show you my nekkid tips. I know that I find myself wondering what lies beneath the surface of peoples’ polish. Wondering if their nails are as perfect as the mani implies or are they just faking the funk…

Shucks… It can be down right discouraging seeing perfect mani after perfect mani. You begin thinking “I will never get there.” Well… you may not.  But you can have healthy nails that make faking the funk a little bit easier. LOL!

(Not so much :-)) Lacquered Love,




  1. It's funny you just posted this. I just did a post on Nubar's magic buffer and I used my mom as my hand model because I didn't want to show my nekkid nails! lol Mine are still recovering from the artificial ones I took off though, if that wasn't the case then I probably would have showed them, imperfections and all.

    P.S. I seeeen you neeeekkid!

  2. You are a brave woman. Your nails aren't so bad. Mine aren't even showing a tip. I have to keep cutting them back. They are peeling and the peels are getting more toward the free ends. I hope they go away. I'm taking biotin but I don't know if it's working.

  3. LOL @ "raunchy cuticle"!! It's all out of order, huh?

    My nails are far from perfect. I've had two breaks in 2wks and currently have acrylic overlays on them. I have no idea how its going to effect my natural nails. *sigh*

    *prays to the nail goddesses*

  4. I love you for this.


  5. I love the raw emotion displayed here. Girl it will get better. I, too, have had these same days but I just keep on pushing. lol

  6. Your nails looks a million times better than mine do!!! And as always, your commentary makes me LOL

  7. Hi there and thanks for posting this :-)


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