The Newest Hangout on the Web

Hey there and welcome! My love of nail polish seemed to outgrow my makeup blog so I figured it was time to give it it's own home.

Welcome to Scratching The Surface.

As far as I can tell, it's the first nail blog by a WoC. Woot woot! Look at me being all ground breaking and what not!

What? Too excited? You're probably right.

I am here to answer the burning questions: "Can I rock [insert name of latest most desired nail polish here] too?" and "This color is supposed to compliment darker skin.... Does it really?"

So add StS to your reader and let the good times roll!

Lacquered love,



  1. Hi Betty! Welcome. It's nice to see other shades of skin. I love variety. Will enjoy reading your blog.

  2. Hi Betty, where have you been, I kept checking your other blog, discovered this by accident, You are so funny you crack me up every time, Love your post on naked nails couldn't agree more!!


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